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These Are The Newest Scams Out There.html

9 new scams in the news: Internet ScamBusters #276. Every week here at, we get scores of reports of scams that have cost their victims millions of dollars or caused untold misery by robbing people of everything from their personal financial details to their kidneys (the kidneys are a joke).

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These Are The Newest Scams Out There.html

The solution: Don’t use the *72 or any other forwarding code to forward calls to a number you don’t know or recognize. You can enter *73 to clear call forwarding. (We’re not sure if *72 and *73 are the forwarding codes for all cell phones. Check your cell phone manual or talk to your carrier.) 2. The Not Guilty Juror

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Survey Scam Alerts Highlight Latest Risks.html

Emails are fired off at random using the names of well-known companies, supposedly following up on a recent complaint or problem you had with the firm. By the laws of chance, some of them land in the inboxes of people who really did have a problem, so it seems perfectly normal to click on the link provided.

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Fake Coupons, an Almost Unheard of Scam, Costs $600M

Fake coupons crime is rocketing in the US, with more types of fraudulent coupons churned out in the first few months of this year than in the whole of the previous decade. One coupon scam in particular recently turned into a major headache for a leading food manufacturer and hundreds of retailers.

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Snippets Issue: Focus on Wrong Numbers and Other Phone

Phone Scams for Wrong Numbers, Jailbroken iPhones, Vacation Gifts and Prescriptions. tells callers they must key in their account number together with any relevant PIN or additional card security code. Avoid these risks by getting the correct number off the back of your credit or store card. Then key in that number slowly, watching the

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Learn About These Rebate Scams.html -

The three types of rebate scams — and how to avoid them: Internet Scambusters #310. You have to provide a bar code from the box — but you already threw it in the trash. Even worse, they ask you to provide a bar code from a previous product you bought years ago. A tiresome process aimed at putting you off.

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The Latest In Gift Card Scams.html -

Gift Card Scams Abound — But the Biggest Threats Are Not What You’ve Been Hearing About! Internet ScamBusters #209. Today we have a Special Issue for you called “New Gift Card Scams: 8 Tips to Protect Yourself.” If you watch the news, you’ve probably already heard a lot about the gift card scams that have been going around this holiday season.

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How Crooks Use Distraction Scams to Trick and Rob You.html

The four main types of scams that aim to divert your attention while thieves take your money and valuables: Internet Scambusters #336. Diverting your attention with bogus incidents or fake questions and conversations is one of the oldest tricks in the book — we call it distraction scams.

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The Two Newest Car Dealer Scams.html -

How to avoid the two newest car dealer scams. Never, ever leave your keys in your car (either with the motor on or off) while you quickly run into a store or to do some errand. And be sure to lock your car and close the windows, even for a few minutes.

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Help Stop Scam Artists.html

We do NOT recommend that you directly communicate with scammers or thieves, whether online or off. That can be very dangerous. Instead, use any of these 10 methods to help fight scams: 1. Report phishing to the real company.

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809 And "Tropical" Are Code Scams.html -

Update on the 809 Scam. There are a number of changes that have occurred involving the 809 scam since we wrote about this in Internet ScamBusters three years ago. Area codes have changed in many of the countries. Now, 809 is just for the Dominican Republic.

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