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Actived: Thursday Nov 28, 2019

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Which is on and which is off in the I/O switches? - Quora

Which is on and which is off in the I/O switches? This is a poorly worded question. I must guess that by “the I/O switches” you mean power switches as seen on computers, outlet strips, and other equipment: This is not an I/O or Eye-Oh switch. It i

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Why are the symbols (I /O) used for on and off in many

I think they expresses the state of the circuit the line (I) means that the circuit is open so there is no electric current in the circuit so it’s OFF the circle (O) it means that the circuit is closed so there is electric current and its state is

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When should we use the terms 'taken care of' and - Quora

“Take care of” and “Take care off” both are phrasal verbs. You used the past form of verb (taken) here. Take care of: when you care of some person, place or thing. Take care off: It could be mean by ending the care of something. Means, you are no

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When would one want to turn off the traction control in

You only need traction control when there are slippery conditions. That includes during or after a rainstorm, during or after a snowstorm, or when the road is unpaved and may be muddy, when the road may be snow packed or icy or have icy patches, o

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What will happen if I turn off cellular data on my iPhone

Cellular data only allows the phone to connect to a data network over its cellular connection (i.e. 3G, 4G, LTE, etc). You can use Wi-Fi for most of your

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Should my O/D OFF light be indicated on my Automatic car

Thanks for the A2A. Original question: > Should my O/D OFF light be indicated on my Automatic car while driving on normal roads? More than Understanding what the O/D OFF Light on dashboard means, i just want to know if the light be indicated while

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Is it 'dispose of' or 'dispose off'? - Quora

Knowing and understanding the meaning of the word Dispose will prove of much help in this matter. It is the construction of the words “dis” and “pose”. Therefore it can mean “to get rid of”. So if we have to get rid of something we will “not pose

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Is it good to switch off the phone while charging? - Quora

You shouldn't use your phone while it charges. Use it all you want, as long as you're not using a sketchy third-party charger. There are scary reasons behind this myth. People believe that using a phone while charging will make the phone explode,

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What is the difference between turn off and switch off

The original question is: > What is the difference beween "turn off" and "switch off"? Answer: Both terms mean the same thing. The verb "switch" is the counterpart of the noun "switch." A switch is a generic device that diverts the flow of somethi

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What is overdrive and how should I choose between putting

All the answers here are good for describing what overdrive does, but don't really give examples as to when you should use or not use overdrive. Most have said overdrive is good for highway use to reduce the RPM's of the engine and therefore cons

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Which is correct: off late or of late? - Quora

I would be ‘off late’ if I got off from work at a late hour. Jim got off late from work on Thursday. I would say ‘of late’ to refer to a recent event or person. ‘Harry, the Jameson’s lawyer of late…’ that is, Harry is or was the Jameson’s recent (

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Is it good to switch off your Android phone whole night

You need not necessarily switch off your phone every single night .I recently came across an article in TIME Tech website.I’ll write here a few extracts .I’ll leave the link below . Smartphones, have batteries and only draw power from an electrica

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What is the 'O/D Off' button on my automatic car? - Quora

As Rob Lion stated, this button turns off “overdrive” which is the top gear on the transmission. Meaning, it prevents it from going to the very last gear in the transmission. Meaning, you are not going to go very fast while keeping the RPMs low —

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How to use down, up, off, in, on, out after a verb - Quora

They are productively used with verbs of motion, in other cases their usage can be more complicated: You can use almost any verb of motion with any of those when it makes sense. For the verb "walk" for example: walk in walk out of walk down walk

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When I operate electrical switches at my home, my LCD TV

This usually happens when the contacts of some switches 'bounce' . The switch contact does not settle down to a definite state immediately, but is loose enough to 'make' and 'break' a couple times rapidly. If there is a substantially inductive dev

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Should I drive when the Overdrive light is on or off? - Quora

On. Sorry OFF. If the light is ON it would not go in the final gear which would make the engine spin slower on high speed where less fuel will be used. When the light is ON it tells you that the overdrive gare is not going to come in.. That you ca

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Is It better to stay at a Disney World resort or off site

If you are planning a Disney Vacation, than I would recommend you stay at a Disney Owned and operated hotel as there are several perks to staying on Disney property compared to staying elsewhere. The first and most beneficial is transportation. If

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Should the O/D in automatic cars be on or off? - Quora

Each answer assumes one or the other side of the question (that is, are you asking about the light or the actual OD). To be clear, the light on your dash is ON when the actual overdrive (OD) is off. So you normally should drive with the light OFF.

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Which one is correct: 'flip' or 'flick' someone off? - Quora

Answer one: since both are slang terms, and slang is the virtual opposite of "proper", neither is, in the sense of slang use, correct. Answer two: in the strict literal sense (such as if you are playing at Judo) it is indeed possible to "flip" som

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What's the difference between round up, round down and

Well, round off is what you usually do. If you have 0.9, 9 is above 5 so you'd round to 1. If you have 0.1, the digit you are rounding is less than 5, so you would round down to 0. If it is 5, then you would round up. It is safe to do this one whe

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Is the sentence 'I am off today' grammatically correct

Context, context, context. “Why aren’t you at school.” “I am off today.” This means “I have an authorised absence from school.” Perfectly acceptable within a limited context. “I am having a day off.” would also mean a day free from school or work.

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How to tell if the safety is engaged on an unfamiliar

How can you tell if the safety is engaged on an unfamiliar firearm? Firearms are one of the major examples of the “Principle of least astonishment” in human interface design. You hear about it a lot in software development but it’s by no means lim

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Should OD be on or off in a car? - Quora

Overdrive is typically the last forward gear in your car's transmission. The gear ratio selected is usually the best compromise that the auto designers could select to optimize fuel economy while balancing usable power to maintain near-constant s

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Should I have the A/C fan turned on when I switch on my

Your heating and cooling system will function as intended on its own if you leave the fan switch permanently set to 'auto'. Some reasons to turn the fan on manually: *If your central air system filter is too clogged up then there wont be enoug

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Should lithium-ion batteries be taken off the charger when

It's my understanding that electric storage in lithium-ion batteries is a dangerous, thing, but, with constant monitoring and measurement of temperatures, it has been made safe. It's also my understanding that it's very bad to over-charge a lit

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Should I leave 'battery disconnect' on or off when I am

If you’re going to be physically away from your RV for more than a few days, I recommend using your battery disconnect, or even physically disconnecting the battery. Even with all the appliances turned off in your RV, you will still have small “ph

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What's the difference among 'pay down', 'pay up', 'pay off

pay down : to reduce the total amount of money owed ex: the government could start paying down the national debt. pay up :to pay (money) promptly, in full, or on demand. ex: for once our bills are all paid up. pay off : To result in profit or

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Should I fry chicken with the skin on or off? - Quora

(Banner image supplied by Quora) > Should I fry chicken with the skin on or off? Do you enjoy eating the skin? Fry it with the skin on. Do you not enjoy the skin? Remove it. If you remove the skin you will need to watch that you do not overfry it

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Energy Efficiency: Do I waste more electricity by

If the house is hot and you turn on the A/C it will run for hours to cool down, not only the air in the house, but also all the walls, floors, ceilings and contents. The A/C is most efficient when the humidity in the house is high, and loses ef

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What is correct, an alarm goes off or does an alarm go on

Good question. First, prepositions (like on and off) are notoriously idiosyncratic within a language and between languages. As one example, take the verb “turn.” Something or someone can turn up (fold something or appear), turn on (activate a mach

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When is the overdrive of a car on or off? - Quora

There are very few times you should turn the Overdrive off on a car. For normal driving, let the transmission use all of its gears. It really does know best what gear to use. Some cars have a button where you can limit the transmission to all but

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What is the correct way to use overdrive in an automatic

Overdrive has come a long way since the inception of the technology, from an era when higher speeds and smoother roads were just becoming a thing to today where grocery shopping can lead into a need of taking a highway. To truly understand how to

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What is the difference between onset, offset, outset? - Quora

When you say "onset", it makes me think of the onset of a disease or condition or some other thing that you don't really want. (The OED says "The beginning of some (esp. unpleasant) situation, condition, or state".) Examples that I have found on

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What is the benefit of putting a lid on top of a pan when

What is the benefit of putting a lid on top of a pan when cooking? Pros: it keeps the moisture in and it conserves energy. Cons: It keeps the moisture in. I don't think conserving energy qualifies as a “con”. But if you are reducing a liquid, you

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What's the difference between singing out of tune and off

Being out of tune means when I sing a particular note I am either slightly sharp (too high) or flat (too low). Let's say I sing a song in D minor (the saddest of all keys). Let's say I'm singing a D. I'm playing the piano to accompany my singing w

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Do you drive with overdrive on or off? - Quora

I leave it on, except when I have to go up a hill and I’ve been buying cheap gas. If I leave it on the engine starts knocking. If I turn it off, the engine turns faster but it doesn’t have to work as hard so there’s no knocking. When I buy premium

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Why would light switch manufacturers write the words on

I'm so glad you asked this question. Now, finally, I can share my struggle with the world. I grew up in America. For 27 years of my life, I never had trouble with light switches. Then I came to China. Now light switches are forever ruined for me.

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Should I disable cookies in my browser? - Quora

Sudhir is right. There's a difference between third party cookies and first party cookies. I'll explain the difference here: First party cookies are cookies that are set by the site you're visiting. That is, if you visit www.bing.com, a cookie

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Should the fan be switched off when the air conditioner is

It's better to switch off the fan and let the Air-conditionioner do the job..! In big auditoriums or theatres, It's recommend to use of fan as it will help the flow of air. The flow of air around human body will be taken as a cooling effect[Imagin

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Can I use windows defender together with Kaspersky

Use any one of them. In fact, if you’ll install Kaspersky Internet Security on your system then automatically your Windows Defender gets deactivated, its just transfer its work, and responsibilities to the newly installed Anti-spyware program, whi

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Is it better to cook with the pot lid on or off? - Quora

It depends on what you’re cooking! Keeping the lid on allows the flavors to meld better, but if you’re boiling at a rapid boil, the pot is likely to overflow. And in some cases, such as when cooking rice, polenta, or other similar dishes where the

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Should I keep GPU scaling on or off in AMD settings for

That’s an obvious ON what Joao wrote is applied when you have GPU scaling set to OFF - it’s the monitor scaling that makes more blurry image, for simple reason. Monitors are supposed to just show image sent from other source, like GPU. Monitors ar

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What is recommended, Repel or Off? - Quora

If you are really serious about repelling insects, I would recommend Sawyer Jungle Juice 100. It contains a much higher percentage of the active repellant ingredient DEET than any other repellant--98%. You might have to go to a camping store to bu

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What's the difference between fell off and fell down? - Quora

When you fall down, you are merely falling—usually from a standing position to being on the ground. If your shoes were untied you might trip over them and fall down. Toddlers often fall down when they are first learning to walk. Adults may fall be

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Is it more dangerous for the plane while taking off or

Takeoffs. Relatively. Both these phases of flight are critical and together make for the most intensive and hazardous tasks. Nevertheless, they also,make for the most exciting prospect of commercial flying. There is a general consensus among pilot

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Does turning on and off a WiFi modem every night reduce

Generally I would say no, turning a WiFi modem off every night would not reduce it’s lifespan. The simple act of turning a modern electronic device off and back on won’t reduce it’s lifespan. If it had a mechinical switch, you would wear it out qu

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Should I turn my iPhone Locations Services off? - Quora

The honest answer is - it depends on how you use your iPhone. It does save battery life to some extent, but you need to weigh the trade-off between battery life, privacy concerns (depends on which location dependent apps you use), and (in)convenie

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Can I go offline from WhatsApp without disconnecting from

Thanks for A2A. This is simple. Here is the no.1 best guide on this: How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp Chat? Putting on the Airplane mode is simply the most ideal approach to escape from the web, it's more like banging the doors on the faces o

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How to turn off tracking on my phone from Life360 - Quora

I think you want to turn off but you don’t actually want others to know you turned it off. Then the only way is to fake your location. For android use it’s easy, simply install some fake gps location apps, but it will be easily detected by life360

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Which is grammatically correct: 'based on,' 'based upon

The idioms “based on” and “based upon” are both standard English and mean the same thing as far as I am concerned, but “based off” or “based off of” are horses of a completely different color. I am an English instructor, and I fancy myself somethi

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