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Lowes - Barn/Shed rip off Jul 30, 2019 @ Pissed Consumer

We had Lowes install a barn/shed. $5,ooo.oo. We decided to pour a slab instead of a footer with the wood flooring on top. The contractor-Heartland Sheds decided we didn't need that wood floor kit and didnt deliver it.

Actived: Wednesday Aug 14, 2019

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Lowes employees and policys Jan 05, 2019 @ Pissed Consumer

This must be the store you worked in have work at Lowes here in central fl and we can go out if we take our vest off. as far as chewing gum our manager said just use class cell phone can be carried to us for our emergancies maybe you pissed people off the managers . or both, Mississippi and a few other states doesn’t have any code or

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Lowes - May 2019 11% Rebate ripoff Aug 01, 2019 @ Pissed

Are you a Lowes employee? I did use $20 off $100 coupons but my rebate should be on amount after discount. "Select markets/stores only. Online customers must have residence or business within surrounding areas of eligible stores to qualify. Rebate maximum is $500 Lowe’s Gift Card per household/business.

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Lowes - Online Ordering Error code EVERY - Pissed Consumer

Lowes review rated 3.2/5.0 with 12 Comments: I have a lowes card in good standing, auto payments no issues with credit. The last several times I have gone to place

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Lowes - Allowed fraudulent debit transaction Nov 02, 2018

Use a credit card and keep the balance paid off. With a debit card the money comes directly out of your checking account and you have to fight to get it back in the case of fraud. With a credit card you can dispute the charge and not pay it if there is fraudulent use, keeping your money safe.

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Resolved: Lowes - Lowe's Window Installer Destroyed My

Today I learned that the Project Coordinator is back on the scene in Indiana, not the Insurance Agent in North Carolina. I just paid out $22,000.00 to have building code windows in my house and Lowe's out of building code windows removed, and siding replaced from their window installer and band-aide crew they hired.

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12 months no interest purchase in Lowes Jul 15, 2018

You entered the wrong bank code, and somehow, it's Lowe's fault? It's amazing what people will do and say to screw over a great company. They offered you 12 months no interest to HELP you pay it off.

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Lowes - Lowe's use of contractors is problematic Jan 08

They said that they came out once but the code for the garage door didn’t work. They wrote it down wrong. This left 2 weeks to finish the job on time. Long story short, they didn’t make the completion date on time, it took them more than 5 weeks to complete. Lowes tile flooring rip-off attempt ; Legal Action against Lowes - A Real

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Lowes review rated 1.0/5.0 with 1 Comment: LOWES on YELPIF YOU’RE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING LOWE’S FOR A RENOVATION PROJECT IN HONOLULU, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! In the many renovation projects I've been involved with over the years or even discussing them

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Lowes - Nightmare of Disaster Dec 04, 2018 @ Pissed Consumer

2nd off the tile guy would not be hanging a glass door ( tile installer ) not door installer. And last off as of 2017 lowes did not offer tile installation in showers so i can't even understand who was working in your home but it wasn't a confirmed lowes installer !

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Less than competent cashiers Jul 21, 2018 - Pissed Consumer

It's much quicker to get someone on the floor to get the code BEFORE you go to the register than taking a product without a barcode to the register. This is true of any store you go to, not just Lowes. Yes, in an ideal world everything would have a tag, and usually does, but stickers can fall off or be pulled off and end up missing.

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