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If you meet our single order discount rate requirement, please feel free to use the below corresponding discount voucher code to checkout your orders there. Voucher Code for Order Value Exceeds USD 300: 2-percent-off Most Popular! Voucher Code for Order Value Exceeds USD 800: 5-percent-off

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Your referred friends will also receive a U.S.$ 5 voucher code for purchase! The below guide will show you how to start off, Firstly, you need to login to your account to locate our referral program. After you login to your account, you will see the Referral Program as below,

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In an official environment, there is a dress code that you have to follow. You cannot make a splash with bold colors or dressy outfits. remember placing your jewelry by the edge of the sink hundreds of times and you don’t know how easily it may fall off right into the drain. So, make sure to avoid the edges!

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Fashion Jewelry Insights – Page 2 – Blog

As we welcome 2019, it is time we look at some of the fashion prospects that are likely going to be seen. While some of these trends are just like the new kids in the blocks, others are making outstanding comebacks that can hardly be ignored by any fashionista that likes adorning high fashion jewelry.

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You should rather choose studs and small earrings. These are not just ideal for you when you have scarves and other many layers of cloth on, but they are also very fashionable. Tons of fashion earrings nowadays can be found at wholesale earrings stores either locally or online, so do spend sometime to choose some approriate ones for code seasons.

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Fashion Jewelry Insights – Page 5 – Blog

And lace choker necklaces are all the more trendy because they give off an exotic look. Paired with a short dress and lovely earrings, they can make you a fashion icon overnight. Lace Choker Necklaces. Lace chokers necklaces are really hot ones for 2017 with the fashion trend of wearing lace materials.

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Peradventure you are a romantic lover who has an eye for pieces with romance-based symbols such as bows, flowers, and hearts, then, you need to choose pieces of fashion jewelry that shows off your femininity in a spectacular way. You can go for necklaces with heart pendants to arouse the sensations of friendship, love, and romance.

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