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What's the difference between NGK Iridium & NGK Laser

What's the difference between NGK Iridium & NGK Laser Iridium? I'm about to replace my spark plugs and I want to know the difference between the NGK Iridium & NGK Laser Iridium? I know both have a cold rating of 7 which is what I'm looking for. They are also both obviously iridium, and are both resistor style plugs.

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DIY Guide: How to Reset your SRS Light. (Visual Guide

DIY Guide: How to Reset your SRS Light. (Visual Guide) The DIY Garage RSX Club K How to Reset your SRS Light. (Visual Guide) Our cars are known to have problems with the SRS lights, well basically all Honda/Acura because the system sometimes "hiccups" and causing codes to trip the SRS light. HTML code is Off.

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window 'grip' came off - what adhesive? - Club RSX Message

window 'grip' came off - what adhesive? i remember reading about this happening to others so i know i am not the first; one of the two 'grips' that allow the window to be bolted to the regulator has come off.

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A possible solution to the AC on/off - Club RSX Message Board

Turn Car Off Turn Temperature Knob To Full Blue (All the way to the left - Counter-Clock Wise) Turn Vent Knob To Off (All the way to the left - Counter-Clock Wise) Hold Down Air Recirculation Button As Well As A/C Button Keep Both Buttons Depressed and Start Car Keep Both Buttons Depressed for 7 Seconds *AC LIGHT SHOULD BLINK*

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Passenger Airbag Replacement DIY - Club RSX Message Board

PreStep - By disconnecting your battery, your OEM Radio (I have the bose) will lock and need a code to restart. The reset code is located on the left side of the glove box! Make sure you have that code or know how to get it reset if you want to use your radio after this DIY. 1.

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I replaced today the primary O2 SENSOR and engine light

Hello, My car was reading P0134 CODE ( PRIMARY O2 SENSOR ) I changed it today with the original denso sensor and the engine light still on, my car only had P0134 CODE and now the car has P1166 CODE and this code is new, it only had P0134. The code P0134 was erased but why this new code p1166. HELP PLS.

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FIX that throttle!!!p0505 IACV - Club RSX Message Board

hmm I don't have code p0505 but it seems like when I let off the gas (base auto ftl) the RPMs drop to like 1k and then spring back up to around 2k and stay there until I apply gas/brakes. could this be the IACV? any help? great write up by the way! _____ 2002 DSM Base 01-21-2010, 09:00 PM

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P0134 Error Code - Club RSX Message Board

I get the P1166 code which is primary o2 heater circuit problemit keeps coming on and off. Will come on for the first 10 or so miles and go awaycome on later in the day and go away the next ? It seems after the computer runs the O2 monitor the 2nd time around it turns off the check engine light.

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Help.. no codes or cel - Club RSX Message Board

Help.. no codes or cel I bought a 04 base model and have been slowly getting her back on the road. Well today the smog tech told me she will fail if he runs the system due to the cat censor not being ready.. he told me to look up the drive cycle, do it and come back.. so I did and still same result.. he told me sometimes it takes 50 miles to

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K20A2 Engine Identification - Club RSX Message Board

I've searched for a while so dont bite my leg off if its already been posted. I want to make sure I have the Type-S K20A2 engine in my car. Where is the serial number/engine number/code for me to find out, on the engine itself, if it is in fact a Type-S engine?

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