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Console5 provides unique repair and upgrade products for the do-it-yourself vintage game console owner, including capacitor kits, A/V or S-video modification kits, RAM and BIOS upgrades, and much more. If you're looking for game system upgrades, power supplies, controllers, or A/V cables, we stock a variety of hardware and software.

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CD4013 Flip-Flop IC (Atari 5200 / 7800: Power stuck on or

New replacement CD4013 Flip-Flop IC If you have an Atari 5200 or 7800 with power stuck on or stuck off, this IC may have failed. 5200: U29 or A26 (depending on revision of 5200) 7800: U10

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Atari 5200 4-Port Switchbox Bypass Modification & Cap Kit

This kit contains all parts necessary to bypass the Atari 5200 4-port auto switchbox. Theory and circuit modifications are on the Atari 5200 wiki page. This kit also includes 2x 820pF MLCC replacement caps for the styrene audio caps. With this modification in place, a conventional switch box or direct RF adapter can be used with the 4 port

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ASSP For Power Supply Applications - Console5

turns on or off or when a fault occurs in the power supply. Ideally designed as a single-chip IC for power supply control, the MB3790 consumes only a minimal current and comes in a thin-type package. Therefore, it is best suited for power supply control in memory cards and similar other devices. FEATURES

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Servo Signal Processor for CD Player - Console5

Servo Signal Processor for CD Player Description CXA 1 082BO/BS is a bipolar IC designed for the servo control of the compact disc player. The only difference from CXA 1 082AO/AS is the FZC threshold. Features • Single power supply, 5 V • Dual power supply, ± 5 V • Low power consumption (165 mW Typ.:

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Improving NES-001 Reliability - TechWiki

When a cartridge is inserted, the 10NES connects to a companion 10NES chip present in the cartridge. If the connection is bad (probably due to a dirty pin connector), the end result is an endless reset loop, evidenced by the power LED blinking on and off.

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troublesome. In the event of this, switch OFF the power supply to the CD CDV LD player compatible with LaserActive, and while pressing the "MODE" button on the Control Pad, switch the power supply back ON. The "MODE" and "X, Y, 2" buttons are rendered unusable, thereby allowing the game to be enjoyed comforta­ bly.

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Repairing Broken Screw Posts - TechWiki

It gives off fumes that can turn surrounding surfaces white, which leads us to the usefulness of electrical tape: Electrical tape: There is something magical about electrical tape and it will not stick to Super Glue. This makes it effective for masking areas from glue fumes or for temporarily splinting pieces together while glue is drying.

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CD-ROM/CD-I Error Correction/ Host Interface LSI

can be turned on or off under program control. The input data is written to a buffer RAM in 8-bit units after passing through a descrambling circuit. The C2 pointer

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Nintendo SNES / Super Famicom / N64 AV Multi Out Plug for

Ready to solder AV Multi Out plugs for creating custom cables! Fully populated connector with snap-lock assembly. Can also be used with the Famicom Disk System if the alignment key is filed off.

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Chips / ICs / Sockets / Adapters - Circuit Components

Brand new Texas Instruments LM1881M / NOPB (lead-free) sync separator (cleaner) ICs, tape packaging. Learn More

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MODEL 5872 -

The ON/OFF/RESET switch is located at the lower left-hand corner of the Console Assembly. A. ON/OFF/RESET SWITCH, This switch has three main functions: When the Master Com­ ponent is off, depressing this switch will apply power to the unit. When the Master Component is on, quickly tapping this switch will reset the game in play.

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Parts & Adapters - Console5

The NES Flip Top Door easily replaces any broken, cracked, or damaged flip top door on your Nintendo gaming system. Learn More

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Converting from Surface to Leaded Capacitors - TechWiki

Converting from Surface to Leaded Capacitors. From TechWiki. Eventually the cap legs break off opening up the PCB for rework. And if the solder pads break in the process, they were probably compromised. Other Methods. Hot air tools. The "proper" method if you can afford it. If you have a lot of leakage / PCB damage, you will need a keen eye

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Before inserting the plug, make sure console switch is OFF. The unit will work in any 120 Volt AC 60 Hz electrical outlet. Using any other power supply will damage the unit. As a special safety feature, the plug is polarized so that it will fit into standard AC outlets in one direction only. If the

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Identifying Bad Capacitors - TechWiki

Identifying Bad Capacitors. From TechWiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Electrolytic capacitors are one of the few components used in game consoles & home computers that slowly change over time. This is considered normal, and depending on usage, quality of original parts, etc., replacement will probably be necessary at some point.

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CMOS LSI LC75850E, 75850VV

switched on or off and all segments to be turned off unconditionally. • Can be controlled by three serial data lines (CE, CL, and DI) from the microprocessor. (CCB handling) • High generality, since segment data can be displayed without going through a decoder • The INH pin unconditionally turns off display.

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Game Gear - TechWiki

The power and sound boards are the same throughout most of the Game Gear line. The exception is 837-7400-01 which has the same value caps but uses the square-shaped surface mount caps found on main PCBs. All Console5 kits linked below include these components.

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Colecovision - TechWiki - Console5

TMS9928 failure. These chips tend to run hot and if the heat sink has fallen off they may have become damaged over time. The 9928 was used in arcade hardware but in the Colecovision doesn't seem circulate air well OR they are prone to static damage. Dysfunctional Controller Chips

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TurboExpress, PC Engine GT/LT DC Power Jack

New replacement DC power jack for the TurboExpress, PC Engine GT, and PC Engine LT (left side jack) If your TurboExpress powers off when the power cord is bumped, you may have a DC power jack that is dirty or worn out. These new jacks are a di

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Switches & Buttons - Circuit Components

Replacement for worn or missing conductive silicone rubber controller pads (Game Boy DMG, DMG-01, Play It Loud) Learn More

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DIN Connector Plug: 8 pin, C-style 270, In Line Male

Basic DIN Connector plug. Features solder-cup terminals for easy wiring. These are circular C-style (270°) plugs - be sure to check if your application requires C or U (262). If you don't need pins 7 or 8, they can be clipped

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Primer on Electronics Rework - TechWiki

There are a lot of off-brand looking irons, and people have had good luck with them. For my own sanity I stick to brands that I know and trust. Adjustable temperature That's temperature as in degrees C or F, not an arbitrary numerical scale. You want an temperature controlled iron, not an iron that goes to 11.

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Atari Lynx I and II DC Power Jack (versions 1 and 2)

New replacement DC power jack for the Atari Lynx (original) and Lynx II. If your Lynx powers off when the power cord is bumped, chances are that you have a DC power jack that is dirty or worn out. These new jacks are a direct solder-in replace

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Colecovision 5V RAM Modification - TechWiki

If you doubt your desoldering skills, or if you don't have the proper desoldering equipment, you can use diagonal cutters to cut the DRAM chips off and leave the old legs in place. Then, carefully solder the sockets to the old legs. It's a bit of a hack but it works amazingly well and can be far less frustrating than lifting and breaking traces.

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Premium DIN Connector Plug: 8 pin (C-style 270), Male

Premium DIN Connector Plug: 8 pin (C-style 270), Male, Solder-cup. 3.59. If you don't need pins 7 or 8, they can be clipped off or extracted for universal DIN8 compatibility. This will make them work with Commodore A/V ports. Don't be fooled by similar looking but less expensive parts! These are lifetime-quality pieces.

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The Engineering Staff of TEXAS INSTRUMENTS SN 76489 AN

1 1 1 1 OFF 2. NOISE GENERATOR The Noise Generator consists of a noise source and an attenuator. The noise source is a shift register with an exclusive OR feedback network. The feeback network has provisions to protect the shift register from being locked in the zero state. Table 2: NOISE FEEDBACK CONTROL FB CONFIGURA TlON 0 "Periodic" Noise

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MITSUMI System Reset Monolithic IC PST993, 994

System Reset Monolithic IC PST993, 994 Outline The function of this IC is to accurately reset systems after detecting the supply voltage at the time of switching power on and instantaneous power off in various CPU and other logic systems. Further, this IC can

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GI AY-3-8900 Datasheet

that the AY-3-8900-1 has switched to the CPU controlled mode. SR2 is issued thirteen or fourteen times per picture frame de­ pending on picture offset. The AY-3-8900/8900-1 takes this signal low to request the first line access for a new row of twenty characters.

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Neo Geo Memory Card Battery Replacement - TechWiki

Remove the old adhesive. You don't necessarily have to completely remove it, just enough to get a clean surface around the perimeter of the card. For the most part it should peel off, but WD-40 or Goo Gone can assist in the process. Desolder the old battery, and solder in the new battery.

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MC4344 ®MOTOROLA MC4044 - Console5

be conducting in the normal direction and 02 will be off. Current will be flowing through 03 and CR2; the base of 03 will be two VsE drops above ground or approximately 1.5 volts. Since both of the resistors connected to the base of 03 are equal, the emitter of 04 (base of 05) will be approximately 3.0 volts. For this condition, the emitter

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"ADJUST DAC OFF-SET", for a short time each 6 seconds. The adjustment R302 must only be done when these words are off the screen. To move to another test when display is "on", hit contoller Button #3 or Button #4 to move to Test #3 or Test #5 respec­ tively. Reset maybe hit at anytime to return to title page. 4.

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G) C S J.,() I ······D

< sunCE REMEDY> When you encounter the above problem: 1. Stick 1 or 2 spacers (DBC1743) to the mech mounted portions of the chassis. (See Fig. 2) (One spacer has already been stuck there from the

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2600/2600 A . VCS DOMESTIC (M/N) Field Service

and the power on/off switch. Unregulated DC is supplied to the board from the battery eliminator. A supply of +5 volts is routed through a filter circuit to the RF modulator. The motherboard also receives its power (+5 volts Vee) from the switchboard via the same 12-conductor ribbon cable referenced above.

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RCA CMOS LSI Products CDP1861C Preliminary Data Video

The display on (DISP ON) and display off (DISP OFF) inputs set and reset an internal control flip-flop in the CDP1861C. When this flip-flop is set, ~ andlm are enabled; when reset, they are disabled. The reset input (RESET) is a Schmitt trigger input that resets the CDP1861C. The CLEAR output is a conditioned

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3D0 Interactive Multiplayer FZ-1 DIGITAL AUDIO

YOUR HOME THEN THE FUSE SHOULD BE REMOVED AND PLUG CUT OFF AND DISPOSED OF SAFELY. THERE IS A DANGER OF SEVERE ELECTRICAL SHOCK IF THE CUT OFF PLUG IS INSERTED INTO ANY 13 AMP SOCKET. If a new plug is to be fitted please observe the wiring code as shown below. If in any doubt please consult a qualified electrician.

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RG-M10BU JVC - Console5

RG-M10BU -Safety Precautions-----~ 1. The design of this product contains special hardware and many circuits components specially for safety purposes. For continued protection, no changes should be made to the original design unless authorized in writing by the manufacturer. Replacement parts must

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Power Jacks (Female) - DC Power Jacks & Plugs - Circuit

Power Jacks (Female) Fix that flaky on again, off again power connection! Learn More. View as List Grid. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. 10 Item(s) Show. Latest Products. 3300uF 35v Axial TVX Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitor, 2000 Hrs 85°C 3,300uF $4.79 . Add to Cart. Turbo Express / PC Engine GT 3.5" LCD Alignment Bracket Install Kit

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Atari 5200 - TechWiki

Download the Atari 5200 VCS Adapter Modification manual. 4-Port Switchbox Elimination Modification. The special switchbox used on 4-port Atari 5200 units is unique to the console and can be failure prone. With a simple modification the need for the switchbox can be bypassed and a conventional switchbox or direct fit adapter can be used.

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Intellivision II - TechWiki

To power off the console the reset button must be held down for several seconds. If not held for quite long enough, or if the power button on the PCB is worn and not making good contact, the process begins again. It can actually be a challenge to power off an Inty II when conditions aren't quite right.

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Turbo Express - TechWiki

Turbo Express / PC-Engine GT handhelds have exceptionally bad problems with surface-mount capacitors. All TE units should have their capacitors replaced as soon as possible. Without total capacitor replacement, a Turbo Express unit is guaranteed to fail. In the past it was common to only replace the caps related to audio or to the display.

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MAGNAVOX - Console5

OFF position when not in use. Only connect the console to a standard AC electri­ cal outlet. Always turn OFF. your Odyssey 2 each time you have finished playing the games. Then unplug the AC Adaptor from the 120 volt outlet. Keep the consol , cartridges and Player Hand Con­ trols away from extreme heat.

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Intellivision Subassembly Service Manual

the ON/OFF Switch to the ON position and depress the Reset Button on the Master Com­ ponent. The unit will proceed through a series of checks. 4. At the completion of the above test sequence, the Hand Controller test display will appear as shown in Figure 1. (a.) Press each key on the Hand Con­

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Turbo Grafx CD Gear Cleaning - TechWiki

You may choose to desolder the ground wire to the bottom case. If you don't, it will probably fall off on its own later on anyway. You might as well remove it now so you still feel like you're the one calling the shots around here. 1 screw holds the PCB to the upper case Unlock and disconnect the 2 ribbon cables leading to the laser assembly.

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SYLVANIA ~iSi Intelligent Television - Console5

off/on switch tv set tv connection to switch box master component cartridge slot game or diagnostic cartridge these i nstru'ctions have been designed to help you perform service on the master component as e,fficiently as possible. perform all test and replacement work lin the sequence shown, and always verify your own work with the

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MITSUBISHI ELEK {LINEAR} DE 16249826 0008918 1 I

VREF: 1.4V Pin Q) voltage when VREF' is VO(OFF) Vo': OV output voltage when Vo' is VO(OFFl R, 4.3kO r-----, 1 5V I 101 R r i I VI ~ I I L _____ 7.5kO J I • MITSUBISHI ;"ELECTRIC

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RF Signal Processing Servo Amplifier for CD Player

RF Signal Processing Servo Amplifier for CD Player Description The CXA 1372 is a bipolar IC developed for RF signal processing (focus OK, mirror, defect detection, EFM comparator) and servo control. Features • Single power supply, 5V • Low power consumption • Fewer external parts • Built-in circuit for effective disc defect measures

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NMOS 16,384-BIT DYNAMIC RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY DESCRIPTION The Fujitsu MB8118 is a fully de­ coded dynamic NMOS random ac­ cess memory organized as 16,384 one-bit words. The design is op­ timized for high-speed, high per­ formance applications such as mainframe memory, buffer memory peripheral storage and environ­

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MITSUBISHI LINEAR IC. MSl131L noise reduction switch is turned on/off. The time constant is determined by exter-for VCA nally connected capacitor. T(Sec)=1. 2XCX20k ®l Balance/volume 2 control Balance or channel 2 volume is controlled with a to 5. 2V.

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Vectrex PreAmp Buzz Reduction - TechWiki

Vectrex PreAmp Buzz Reduction. From TechWiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Credit goes to Bill Seiler for the original version of this modification. If you really want to lower the noise floor, perform the Vectrex Shielded Wire Buzz Reduction in tandem with this modification.

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CMOS LSI No. 3113B LC66304A,66306A,66308A FOR CONTROL

No. 3113B LC66304A,66306A,66308A 4K/6K/8K·BYTE ROM·CONTAINED SINGLE·CHIP 4·BIT MICROCOMPUTER FOR CONTROL·ORIENTED APPLICATIONS General Description The LC66304A, 66306A, 66308A are 42'pin package type CMOS 4·bit single·chip microcomputers. They contain

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