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How to Address a Cover Letter When the Name Is Unknown

Greetings to Avoid. Never begin your cover letter with “To Whom It May Concern.” Most HR and recruitment professionals note that this is the fastest way to get your resume tossed in the trash, as it tells the employer that you don’t care enough about the job or the company to do even a little bit of research or attempt to personalize the letter.

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Police Ethics & Code of Conduct | Career Trend

Official Codes. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has crafted an Oath of Honor to outline the profession's ethical code. In taking the oath, officers promise to uphold public trust, honor the Constitution and act with integrity.

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How to Remove a Real Estate Lock Box | Career Trend

However, no matter which one is placed on your property, removing it without a key or combination code can be difficult and frustrating. There are ways to remove the lockbox if you are not successful in getting the Realtor to come back out to the property or disclose the combination code. Slide the lock box off the door knob once removed

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Code of Ethics for Chefs | Career Trend

Duties to Society. Codes of ethics for chefs call on members to obey regulations that promote public health and safety. The American Culinary Foundation, for example, expects chefs to provide nutritious meals and fresh ingredients; practice truth in advertising; and adhere to health and safety standards.

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How to Reset an Elevator Alarm in Fire Service Mode

If it does, enter the code. This action should stop the sirens. If not, check to see if the silence light is flashing. Turn the key to the reset position. Leave the key in this position for several seconds. Turn the key back to the off position. Avoid going past this position. "How to Reset an Elevator Alarm in Fire Service Mode" last

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Ethical Principles in the Workplace | Career Trend

Some types of unethical behavior, such as lying, stealing or cheating, are wrong on or off the job. Other types of bad behavior are unique to the workplace: The company's ethical principles should be written down as codes of conduct for managers, executives and other employees. "Ethical Principles in the Workplace." , https

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How to Prepare a Construction Project Schedule | Career Trend

All construction projects should “meet code,” or fines and delays will send the project off track. Keep an eye on the progress of the construction project. Take care of any problems with timing or conflict between employees to keep the project on track.

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Job Description for a Supply Technician | Career Trend

A supply technician works within the logistics management field. The job involves the physical handling of items or goods. Supply technicians are employed by manufacturing outlets, distribution centers, retail management outlets and transportation depots. Various titles for the occupation of supply technician are

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Lawyer Code of Ethics | Career Trend

Although lawyer jokes might sometimes portray the profession as unscrupulous, lawyers actually have a very stringent code of ethics. A lawyer who violates the code might be subject to sanctions up to and including disbarment, and could lose her license to practice. In addition to the national code of ethics,

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Rights of Self Employed Workers | Career Trend

As the costs of hiring an employee increase, businesses are looking more into independent contractors as a way to build staff. Working as an independent contractor--which is really self-employment--has its advantages but is often misunderstood and sometimes abused. A savvy independent contractor knows his rights as a

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