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AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE Pressure Altitude And Density Altitude Pressure altitude is indicated altitude corrected for nonstandard pressure. It is determined by setting 29.92 in the altimeter setting window and reading the indicated altitude it is used in most performance charts and computer solutions for density altitude.

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RADIO NAVIGATION General - avsem.com

-Morse code ident is preceded by the letter I (l-MSY). -2 1/2 degrees off course fully deflects the needle. -Drift corrections inside the FAF should be no greater than 2 degrees. Glideslope - uses UHF frequencies automatically paired with the localizer frequency. - normally intercepts MM at 200 AGL

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AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION MANUAL AIRPORT LIGHTING AND MARKING AIDS Airport Beacons Code 1200 should be squawked whenever VFR. Avoid inadvertent selection of codes 7500, 7600 and 7700. VFR Flight Plan . AIM- Page 57 Aviation Seminars power-off landing. 3121. When approaching to land on a runway

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Preflight Planning and Departure – Page 5 Aviation Seminars Alternate Airport Requirements (Cont) The forecast weather at the alternate airport (at your ETA) must be: - with a precision approach, 600 foot ceiling and 2 miles visibility. - with a nonprecision approach, 800 foot ceiling and 2 miles visibility.

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